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Nursery in Dubai
Registration is now open in Churchill Towers, Business Bay, Dubai: Registration is now open in Churchill Towers, Busi... | Registration 2023/2024:  Registration for the academic year 2023/2024... |
Play is at the heart of Canadian Kids Nursery and the Early Years Foundation Stage. We strongly believe that a child who is happy, safe and secure develops and learns. Through daily routines and a well-planned program of both child and adult initiated activities.....
Canadian Kids Nursery is in a great location so it is easy for me to leave my daughter and do my work. The staff are very gentle and helpful to my daughter's needs. The place is clean with lots of fun activities for children to learn and play.
Canadian Kids Nursery's staff are very kid friendly and they know what they are doing. My son is still an infant and i am not worried leaving him there because they have a nurse to check him full time. They make my son feels like home.
I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all members of The Canadian Kids Nursery to provide good care of my son Yazan. I felt the change on my son through language (English) and learning skills and communication.


Canadian Kids Nursery is warm, caring and nurturing environment makes me relaxed and sure that my son is in good hands. Karim has settled in to the nursery very well and very quickly. He is happy and enjoying his time. Thank you so much.


I am very happy with the baby care service provided at Canadian Kids Nursery. The staff are all approachable, friendly, lovely and give the nursery a real family feel.

Pre School Downtown
Churchill Towers
(Emirates National Towers)
Shop #3, Al Abraj str.,
Business Bay, Dubai - UAE

Best Nursery in Dubai

There are many nurseries in Dubai, but the best nurseries in Dubai nurture a child's curiosity, embrace diversity, and ensure your child's safety and joy. A fun environment is required for children's emotional, social, and overall personality development. Here is where Canadian Kids Nursery school plays a crucial role in the holistic development of the kid. We combine fun elements in learning and help kids develop inside their familiar community.

Canadian Kids Nursery is a trilingual nursery teaching English, French, and Arabic. Our teaching methodology is based on learning through interactive play, hands-on activities, and social interaction. Despite the increased competition, we have maintained our reputation as one of the leading nurseries in Dubai.

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