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Canadian Kids Nursery is a trilingual nursery and preschool with a unique vision in early interactive education. We teach English, French and Arabic.

Our teaching methodology is based on learning through interactive play, hands-on activities and social interaction. Canadian Kids Nursery formulates the teaching of concepts through activities, songs, interactive games and a variety of practical experiences through which children can explore and learn about the world around them.

Our Canadian Curriculum is internationally inspired, and is taught via monthly themes. The day is scheduled in 30-minute sessions, which allow for a variety of activities each day. Our curriculum is certified from The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), we also follow the British curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS).

The children will be exposed to hands-on activities, field trips, music and movement, art and crafts, as well as early literacy and numeracy material.

We ensure that through our themed-related curriculum and a wide range of activities we cover all the aspects of a child’s development.

Canadian Kids Nursery encourages children to love learning by offering them a broad and balanced interactive curriculum with opportunities to apply their learning to new situations, encouraging their independence, awareness and concern for others.

The curriculum divides children's learning and development into seven areas of learning and development covered by EYFS for children aged 6 months to 5 years old.

1. Magic Of Math (Problem Solving, Reasoning & Numeracy)

The children in Canadian Kids Nursery are encouraged to learn about:

  • Sorting, matching and comparing 
  • Recognition of shapes and measurement through play
  • Numbers and mathematical terms
  • Counting objects reliably
  • Developing appropriate vocabularies
  • Recognition of capacity, weight and volume.

2. Life Skills (Understanding The World)

The Children in Canadian Kids Nursery will be given opportunities to:

  • Work with a range of materials both indoor and outdoor.
  • Learn to use a range of tools and technology such as computers & smart board.
  • Learn about cultures. 
  • Explore a variety of construction kits.
  • Make models.
  • Use sand, water and various other malleable / messy ingredients.
  • Develop an understanding of themselves, living things, and the environment.
  • Learn about change and patterns, to recognize similarities and differences, and to question how things work. 

We help them to use a variety of tools and techniques to assemble materials creatively and safely.

What is covered in this area of development: Science (including cooking), Gardeners Barn, Sand/Water Play, Healthy Lifestyles, History of Self and Family, Geography, Nature and the World around us and IT.

3. Mini Gym / Physical Development

Free play activities in Canadian Kids Nursery are planned to:

  • Make use of indoor and outdoor equipment
  • Provide tasks that are progressive, such as healthy attitudes toward exercise and how our bodies work.
  • Use games and activities.
  • Promote the use of toys for pulling and pushing, pedaling and riding.
  • Develop a range of movement to improve children’s control over their own bodies such as: agility, balance and coordination.

We promote opportunities for the healthy development of children’s bodies and physical skills: Activities to promote gross motor skills include participation in track areas, swimming pools, as well as the mini gym.

4. Kids Crafter (Art And Creative Development)

Canadian Kids Nursery encourages the development of children’s creativity through opportunities to learn about and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a mixture of art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role play activities. Children explore a variety of media working with color, texture, shape, space and form. They develop their imagination through stories, role play, dance, music and musical instruments. All of the children are encouraged both to express their individuality, and to acquire new skills through a wide range of exciting activities using a variety of resources, such as play dough, paints, crayons, scissors, beads, puzzles and making 3D pictures & models.

5. Tiny Talk (Communication And Language)

Canadian Kids Nursery provides a language-rich learning environment which gives children opportunities for speaking, listening and for sharing their ideas and feelings. Children are taught the value of being a good listener, taking turns in conversation, using body language to communicate and are supported in their question of spoken language, enjoying deeper communication and a multi-language rich environment to share their thoughts, ideas and understanding of each other. Through listening to stories and sharing a wide range of books the children will develop a love of language, as well as books and a deeper understanding of Literacy concepts.

6. Literacy

The Children in Canadian Kids Nursery are given access to a wide range of reading materials, such as books, poems, stories and other written materials. 

It also involves helping children to link sounds of letters to begin to read and write.

The Children will be able to:

  • Recognize and read words
  • Develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Draw recognizable pictures.
  • Participate in activities extracted from the letters and sounds phonics pack through story time, circle time, speaking, listening and discussions.

7. It’s All Around Me (Personal Social And Emotional Development)

The Children in Canadian Kids Nursery will be encouraged to:

  • Feel valued
  • Learn to express feelings
  • Learn about their family
  • Have confidence to choose
  • Learn to respect and care for their environment
  • Learn to share and co-operate with others
  • Explore and take responsibility for their actions
  • Communicate

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