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Our Programs
Infant Group / Butterflies (45 Days To 1 Year)

During the infant stage, infants in Canadian Kids Nursery learn through simple signs to enhance their communication skills through sounds surrounding them. They practice strengthening their muscles, and are comforted with tender loving care. Infants are able to communicate and understand the world around them by gestures or signs as well as spoken words. Infants are taught basic signs and gestures to enable them to be interactive and communicate at a much earlier age. The infants learn to walk and crawl in their own well equipped soft area. The Infant Room is a fun, sanitized, and healthy learning environment, complete with age-equipped toys and plenty of free area for the infants to explore. There is also a sleeping room for infants to rest in a relaxing area. Nannies ratio in this age group will be 1:1.  We keep a record of all feeds, sleeps and nappy changes in a book which you will receive every day from your child’s teacher.

Toddler Group / Little Trees (1 To 2 Years)

During this stage, toddlers are very curious and begin to discover what´s happening around them. Toddlers in Canadian Kids Nursery learn to love, socialize, they are taught how to enjoy music, exploring books, basic puzzles and playing with water & sand. They begin to work with different textures, surfaces and colors to make creative artwork. The Toddler room is designed to encourage interactive and effective learning through different toys and materials. Toddlers are taught through a carefully designed program of activities, which is largely delivered through play that teaches them how to become independent.

Nursery Level / Sunshine (2 To 3 Years)

This area is designed to support your child’s rapidly developing skills and physical abilities. The development and use of communication are at the heart of young children’s learning. We encourage children to learn new words through stories, nursery rhymes, singing songs and early learning. In this stage children are much more aware of their bodies and begin to explore and discover their capabilities through a variety of activities. Canadian Kids Nursery teaches pre-primary children the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for learning. Their potentials are discovered, developed and nurtured during this stage. The nursery level classroom focuses on developing the child´s ability to count, color, shape, cut, and paint, as well as to learn sharing, acquire friendly social skills and be comfortable in the learning environment. They learn to further their verbal communication skills. The nursery level children are introduced to the alphabet and counting. The teachers guide the children to identify different objects and colors. There are various activities for the children to develop their young minds through reading activities, flashcards, nursery rhymes and art & crafts.

Foundation Stage / Dolphins (3 To 4 Years)

As part of the Foundation Stage Curriculum, Canadian Kids Nursery has designed a gentle introduction to a wide range of subjects such as reading, writing, math, ICT (Information Communication Technology), religious festivals and the world around us. This stage is an important time for children to expand their love for learning, their ability to get along with others and their interest in reaching out to the world. It marks an important transition from nursery to school. The staff of Canadian Kids Nursery have developed an entertaining program for foundation stage children which incorporates colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. The teachers work with children individually, in small groups and as a whole group at different times during the day. The foundation stage classroom is prepared with high standard educational equipment necessary to reach our goals. Children of the foundation stage in Canadian Kids Nursery begin to practice writing their names, identify the letters of the alphabet, count the numbers, use their creativity and imagination, play, and develop good listening skills and verbal communication skills.

After School Activities

For children who would like to continue with extracurricular activities later in the day. There is an option for children to stay until either 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm or 6:00 pm. These programs are pre-planned and structured to provide learning experiences, relaxation and socialization for the children who stay late. Parents will need to provide lunch for children who will be staying for extended hours. An afternoon snack will also be required if the child is staying beyond 2:00 pm. 

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